Photovoltaic technologies

Solar panels and photovoltaic solar kit to be mounted yourself

You are determined to equip yourself with solar panels, but considering what it could cost you to have they installed by professionals, you are thinking of doing it yourself? Be aware that the task is quite possible, especially since there…

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The principle of combining photovoltaic technology and greening

For 2020, we are already preparing for the implementation of Positive Energy Buildings (BePos) with RT 2020. To do this, specialists will have to offer high-performance and innovative systems with specific intelligence. This is where the idea of combining photovoltaic…

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Manufacture of crystalline silicon cells of photovoltaic quality

In the field of photovoltaics, there are now several types of manufacturing technologies. Silicon is one of the best known solutions. We also note the thin-film technique and concentrated photovoltaics. Each of these photovoltaic manufacturing methods has its advantages and…

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