Energy technologies

REMIT, will the energizers be ready for the second round?

The second brick of the European REMIT regulation came into force. This new regulation aims to ensure the transparency and integrity of the wholesale electricity and gas markets throughout Europe. It also creates market surveillance and cooperation between the different…

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Dynamics in a volatile electricity market

Conventional energy trading is becoming more and more demanding and financial pressure is increasing on plant owners and operators. The volatility of energy markets is increasing with the increasing decentralization of production units. Our energy brokers take advantage of this…

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The impact of natural gas exploration technologies on the environment

Natural gas, even if used by many households, is not without risks. From its operation to its use, this product has certain disadvantages for the environment and for users. Noting that natural gas is composed of several elements, these can…

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Drilling and integration technologies for oilfield components

Drilling projects, whether mining, major tunnels or oil; they all require a certain degree of precision in terms of both management and pressure. The performance of a borehole varies according to the adequacy between the electronic system and the hydraulic…

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The impact of renewable energy technologies on energy efficiency

In recent years, even if energy consumption has not stopped increasing, the greenhouse effect has still been controlled. This is mainly due to the association of digital technology with the energy sector. Over the past two decades, these two sectors…

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The digital revolution in the energy sector

It is now possible to associate digital with energy. The technology revolution makes it possible to exploit the potential of energy resources. To do this, professionals use specific devices known as IGBTs and MOSFETs. These means make it possible to…

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