Drilling and integration technologies for oilfield components

Drilling projects, whether mining, major tunnels or oil; they all require a certain degree of precision in terms of both management and pressure. The performance of a borehole varies according to the adequacy between the electronic system and the hydraulic system.

The operating principle of an exploration well

Energy extraction technologies are a great help in drilling. This consists in inserting rods into the basement of a field by injecting a specific sludge into it. The goal is to remove rocks and gases. In order to delimit the deposit in question, it is necessary to drill in different areas. The removed elements contain either oil or gas. The depths of a drilling site can reach hundreds of metres. Among the tools needed to explore a borehole are the derricks and drill bit. The latter makes it possible to drill the large hole allowing the exploitation of underground resources.

Drilling mud

With oil exploitation technologies, there is also drilling mud. The latter is essential when drilling the hole. It is composed of clay and water. These elements are treated in order to have homogeneous mixtures. For this purpose, chemicals are used. Good quality control of drilling mud is essential to ensure the best possible drilling performance. The mud should not be too thick or too light. In the first case, if it is too heavy, the sludge could enter the tanks. In the second case, it could cause a dangerous eruption. This operation must be carried out by specialists with better expertise.

The oil field

Oil drilling techniques are necessary for the exploitation of an oil field. Modern systems such as geophysics and geology do not reduce the drilling process. The latter remains a complex operation. For the oil project to be profitable, the land must contain sufficient oil. Otherwise, the cost of drilling could increase. Nowadays, new oil exploitation technologies are evolving rapidly. It is now possible to drill several horizontal wells from the same borehole. Specialists have improved the creation of drills. Noting, however, shows that horizontal drilling is a technique that requires the use of large equipment. The latter require a relatively high investment cost.
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