Renewable energies

Renewable energies linked to modern technologies

Since the advent of the industrial era in the mid-19th century, humanity has continued to increase its energy consumption in multiple forms in response to the increasing complexity of life (industry, transport, heating, electricity, etc.). Efficient energy management is definitely one of the main principles humanity can’t get its eyes off and has been the aim of many professionals, including, which lead by example when it comes to energy trading and more…


New technologies in the field of energy production and storage

The history of humanity and the history of the conquest of energy are inseparable. At first, the needs were limited (heating and lighting). But after the developing societies were quickly led to use other forms of energy (construction, transport of various materials, travel, agriculture…). It is the development of industrial civilization through the use of machines and the exploitation of new energies, first of all that of electricity and that provided by so-called fossil fuels, i. e. essentially coal and oil (later gas). In our time, energy needs are growing. Electricity has established itself as an essential energy source for industry and domestic uses. Fossil fuels are used with the consequences that we now know about global warming due to the emission of carbon dioxide during their combustion. More on

Energy marketand renewable industry

Energy market and renewable industry

Why invest in renewable energy?
Investment in renewable energy sources represents a real economic and technological opportunity for manufacturers. The advantage with renewable energies and recoveries is that they make it possible to produce and self-consumer energy that supplies an industrial site. This may involve the production of heat or electricity. Energy exploitation is available in several solutions. Their form of exploitation depends on the needs of the industrial sectors.
The Energy Transition Law for Green Growth has set ambitious targets. It hopes that by 2030, the share of renewable energies will reach 32% of final energy consumption.

The renewable energy market allows manufacturers to act on 3 levers. These are the improvement of energy efficiency, fatal heat recovery and the integration of renewable energies.

News on renewable energies

Discover the news of renewables as well as a summary of the latest innovations of the green sectors in Europe and throughout the world.

Follow the latest technical innovations in tomorrow’s energies. These can be the design of renewable energies, optimization of their use or anyhing related to them…

News on renewable energies

Learning to manage your energy consumption

Learn to manage your consumption to reduce energy costs

Analyze your consumption

To grasp the energy bill, it is necessary to master electricity pricing and high and low voltage bill.

Reduce your consumption

Reduce the consumption of washing equipment, choose multimedia equipment that uses less energy....

Self-producing green energy

To produce your own green energy, you can invest in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

Raise awareness among workers

For a company to reduce its energy consumption, it is necessary to raise awareness among employees.
Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Natural gas is an energy that respects the environment. Natural gases such as methane, which are produced by the decomposition of organic matter such as algae or plankton, are among the cleanest fossil fuels.

Executives who want to easily supply their company can subscribe to a natural gas supplier for all companies. Individuals or business owners can simplify their natural gas supply by using specialists.


Bioenergy comes in different forms: energy crops, organic waste, agricultural and forestry residues. This form of energy stored by biomass can be used to produce heat, electricity, cold or fuels.

Bioenergy that is not overexploited is considered renewable. Its interest is due to a desire to reduce emissions of methane, carbon dioxide and other gases responsible for the production of greenhouse gases. This form of energy favours the search for alternative energy resources to fossil fuels.