Natural gas: getting it from industry companies and suppliers

The face of gas supply has completely changed. While a few years ago, there were only a few major players, today the offer has diversified considerably for both individuals and professionals. Newcomers offer services at an attractive price to attract customers.

Getting natural gas supplies

The gas industry represents a vast market where there are natural gas suppliers for individuals but also natural gas suppliers for key accounts, professionals and the industrial sector. Suppliers' offers are varied and are aimed at individuals, large companies, small businesses and local authorities. The needs are not the same for everyone because they depend on the power of the meters and the consumption of natural gas. Today, EDF and ENGIE rely on their reputation among customers and the quality of their services. The strategies of natural gas suppliers aim to win new customers in order to increase their market share. Some small suppliers come from local distribution companies such as Lucia, Enalp or Gaz Electricité de Grenoble. These service providers often find it difficult to offer attractive offers compared to market leaders.

A highly competitive market

To gain market share and win new customers, new suppliers of natural gas for private customers are doing their best and putting pressure on potential customers. They use canvassing by telephone, mail or at home because it is a question of conducting a commercial offensive against traditional suppliers. Consumers are really sensitive because, at a time of savings, they are the ones looking for an attractive offer to reduce their energy bills. The same applies to the natural gas market for professionals, where each new customer is welcome.

Offers adapted to professionals

Individuals and professionals no longer hesitate to compare suppliers' offers because changing service providers saves money. The consumer market is an interesting market because many households are attracted by this clean and reliable source of energy. The service provider offers tailored offers to professionals and companies looking for a gas supplier. This energy has attracted the industrial sector and demand is on the rise, due to the energy transition that requires the use of clean energy sources. Prospecting and exploration are well underway because the gas industry must ensure supply.
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