Natural gas or green gas, a local and renewable energy!

Gas can be used for home heating, hot water supply and cooking. Innovative solutions make it possible to combine it with other energy sources and users appreciate it for its affordable cost.

Gas, an energy source with multiple uses

Gas is an energy source adapted to the needs of individuals, professionals and industry. It is a much less carbon-intensive energy source than other types of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Natural gas is the result of a millennial fossilization process with abundant but non-renewable reserves. It is one of the most widely used energy sources in France because it is flexible, comfortable and affordable. Indeed, 11 million French households use gas for heating, hot water and cooking. Today, green gas is booming and this local energy produced from agricultural or livestock waste is injected into the distribution of natural gas

Gradual transition to renewable gas

By 2030, the energy transition law provides that the quantity of natural gas consumed in France will be renewable gas and by 2050 it should reach 100%. Natural gas suppliers for all companies and individuals intend to meet this objective because the project is feasible. Clean heating, clean cooking, clean driving and renewable and sustainable energy at an affordable price are at the heart of the priorities.

Gas as an energy source for today and tomorrow

The use of natural gas for heating, hot water means using a reliable, clean energy source with easy user comfort and a reduced environmental impact. Bio-methane and bio-gas fall into the category of renewable energy, are CO² neutral and are excellent energy sources for the ecological transition. Today, natural gas networks offer this energy source to individuals and the industrial sector. Natural gas can also be used as a fuel for vehicles. Many countries in the world manage to meet their energy needs by combining several energy sources, which is called the energy mix. 80% of these energies are still often of fossil origin but the percentage is gradually decreasing.
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