Industrialists, improve your energy efficiency!

A list of specific measures allows companies to improve their energy efficiency and measure their energy consumption.  Some of them have thus converted to more environmentally friendly renewable energy sources, which have also enabled them to reduce production costs.

Rationalization of energy consumption

The Energy Efficiency Act requires companies to rationalise their energy consumption. Large companies (those with more than 250 employees) are required to carry out an energy audit, which consists of establishing a diagnosis to evaluate the energy performance of their buildings. Indeed, in France the tertiary park is not of the best quality and many industrial buildings are real energy sieves that require urgent work. In most cases, "technical solutions exist to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings and this is therefore a managerial decision. "Reducing energy consumption in industrial environments is an emergency because consuming less energy also means optimizing costs and improving productivity.

Achieve substantial savings

By investing in energy efficiency solutions, companies have everything to gain because reducing energy consumption leads to significant savings, improved performance and competitiveness of their production unit in all sectors of activity. For example, by using green gas to cover part of its energy needs, a company can reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 30%. Today, the French natural gas distribution network has already gone green, renewable gas, bio-methane and others.

Send a positive image back to the public

Today, energy efficiency is a concept that is binding on everyone, whether at the individual, national or industrial level... The company needs to reflect a positive image by setting an example. This challenge is faced by the entire company and the natural gas supplier Gazprom Energy offers many solutions to achieve energy efficiency. Reducing companies' energy consumption by better controlling energy sources is a project that can be carried out at all levels to achieve substantial savings. Energy efficiency can be achieved through various items such as the company's heating equipment, building insulation..."  Consuming better and less" are the key words that make it possible to briefly implement this concept, which translates into an "energy efficiency action plan" that all French and European companies are required to implement by 2020.
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